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Resize images

Resizing images for digital competitions
If you are not sure how to resize your images for club digital competitions please read this article carefully. It will save Mick a lot of time!!!!
ps Don't forget to rename your image with its title but don't include your name!

This is one way to resize your images. The video is quite clear but please remember that for our Camera Club competitions you should rename your image with its title only and not your name.
The other way is to go to image size - see instructions below.

Your images must be correctly resized before submitting them for competitions. Our rules require that a horizontal (landscape) image should be no larger than 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high. A vertical (portrait) image should be no larger than 768 pixels high.

• Maximum Image Width (horizontal) is 1024 pixels.
• Maximum Image Height (vertical) is 768 pixels.
• Images MUST be JPEG files.
• Set resolution to 100 pixels if possible. (This does not affect how the image is projected, but having all images set at the same resolution will ensure that text sizes are consistent if text is added.)

CAUTION Once the image is resized it is recommended that you do a File >Save As and save the file as the name you plan to enter the image with. You should keep your original copy of the file intact because the 100 pixels/inch is a lower resolution file and you will not be able to print enlargements of the image with the resized version.

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Photoshop
1. Load the large image that you want to re-size.into Elements or Photoshop
2. Click on Image > Resize > Image Size.
Make sure the Constrain Proportions box at the bottom is checked.
Enter 100 in the Resolution box.
Enter a number into the Width or Height box making sure that a horizontal (landscape) image is no larger than 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high or a vertical (portrait) image is no larger than 768 pixels high.
3. Do a File >Save As and save the file with the title for that competition

Emailing Your Entries:
Once you have finished all the resizing and renaming of the files you wish to enter for a competition, you are ready to email your entries. First, open your email client software.
Click on the Attach File icon, browse to the correct location of your files, and attach one at a time. Please send all entries in one email.