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Competition Rules


1. Maximum of three Black & White, Monochrome or Colour images per photographer per print
and digital competitions.

2. Pictures must be the copyright of the photographer, including all elements of the Anything

3. No image will be accepted for any competition if more than one year has elapsed from the
date of its first entry into a competition.

4. No image will be accepted for competition once judging has commenced.

5. A minimum of six images from three club members constitutes a competition.

6. Images will be awarded points out of 20.

7. The judge will also award First, Second and Third place, and “Highly Commended”. These
images will be awarded points as follows:-

1st 4 points
2nd 3 points
3rd 2 points
Highly Commended 1 point

8. Certificates are awarded to photographers whose images achieve a First, Second or Third

9. Judges may award an unlimited number of images as ”Highly Commended” in any

10. The scores for each image will be added to any points gained for being in the top 3, or
Highly Commended, and these will accumulate through the year for the “Points Shield”. The
photographer accumulating the highest amount of points will be awarded the “Points Shield”
at the AGM.

The “Print Panel Trophy”, the "Print Portfolio Trophy" and the “John Phillips Trophy” (see
next page for these competitions) do not gain points for the “Points Shield”.

11. Images awarded a winning place in an Open competition may not be entered in an additional
Open competition, but will remain eligible for other competitions..

12. The Judge’s decision in any competition is final.

13. The “Set Subject” competitions are held annually and the subjects will be changed and set
by the club members at the club’s AGM.


14. All prints may be home or trade processed

15. All prints must be card mounted for all competitions. Prints will not be accepted into the
competition if attached to a mount with any type of visible sticky tape.

16. Mounts may be of any colour, shape or design.

17. The maximum size for mounts must not exceed 50cm x 40cm

18. The minimum print size is 300 sq cm, with one edge being no less than 20cm.

19. All prints must have a title, the photographer’s name, and “Dagenham Camera Club” printed
clearly in the top left-hand corner on the rear of the mount.

20. The Print Secretary must be informed of the title of your entries no less than two days before
the competition. A digital file of the print to be emailed to the print and digital secretaries.

21. All awards will be recorded on the rear of the print mount.

22. Prints entered for the “Portrait Trophy” must only contain “human images”.

23. The subject matter for the "Landscape Trophy" should be typically rural settings and may
include seascapes, but must be predominantly devoid of buildings or man-made structures.

24. Only prints from the current year’s entries may be entered into the “Annual Print Trophy”. No
new work may be entered.

25. Any member may assist the “Print Secretary” if required.


26. Digital images must be re-sized to no bigger than 1024px x 768px, and saved as a jpeg file.

27. Images must be re-named with the entry title

28. Images must be submitted to the Print and Digital Competition Secretaries no later than 2
days before the competition.

Clarification on Competition Entries
Competition Categories

? Open Digital
? Open Print
? Set Subjects
? Black & White Trophy
? Colour Print Trophy
? Portrait Trophy (see rule 22)
? Landscape Trophy (see rule 23)
? Anything Goes Trophy
? Annual Print Trophy (see rule 24)

Any single image can be entered into a maximum of three of the above competitions of the
photographer’s choice (print, digital, or combination of both). However, if your photograph wins an
Open Competition, it cannot be entered into another Open Competition. (see rule 11)
In addition to the above, prints are also eligible to be entered into the “Print Panel Trophy", Print
Portfolio Trophy" and the “John Phillips Trophy” (see separate rules below).

The Print Panel Trophy

? Prints must be new work. They can be used in later competitions.
? A minimum of three, and a maximum of six, Black & White, Monochrome or Colour prints per
panel. All elements of the pictures must be the copyright of the photographer.
? Prints must be mounted and sized according to main rules 15-18.
? The prints must be connected by a theme (the photographer's choice).
? Prints must be numbered, or a layout of how they are to be displayed must be provided.
? Prints may be assessed individually by the judge, but will be judged as a complete Panel.
? Presentation is important.

The Print Portfolio Trophy

This competition has been set up to showcase each photographer’s level of competence in
photography. A photographer can win the “Annual Trophy” with just one excellent photograph, but a
Portfolio will show their ability more with several photographs..
? A set of six, Black & White, Monochrome or Colour prints per panel. All elements of the pictures
must be the copyright of the photographer.
? Prints must be mounted and sized according to main rules 15-18.
? The subject of the prints should be unconnected.
? A judge will award each print an individual score. The highest accumulative panel score will be
awarded the Print Portfolio Trophy.
? Prints may be old or new work and they can be used in later competitions.

The “John Phillips Trophy”

The entry fee for this competition is £3 per photographer. All proceeds will be given to "Shine" the
Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.
Members may submit three Black & White, Monochrome or colour prints, on any subject they wish.
Marks by the Judge will be given out of 20. The marks for each member’s two best prints will be
added together, and the highest score wins the competition. In the event of a tie, the members’
scores for each of their third entries will be taken into account to determine the winner.
For example:
Score for
entry 1
Score for
entry 2
Total for first
2 entries
Score for
entry 3
Member A 20 18 38 17 55
Member B 19 19 38 16 54
Winner is Member A with 55 points

If, however, the scores still result in a tie after the third entry has been taken into account, then the
member with the highest single mark will be declared the winner. In the example above, Member A
would win with their maximum score of 20.
In the event that the competition is still a tie, the trophy will be shared.

Revised: January 2014