About Us


Name 1

The name of the Club will be the DAGENHAM CAMERA CLUB
(hereinafter called the “Club”).

Purpose 2

The purpose of the Club is to advance Amateur Photography by
means of Lectures, Demonstrations, Exhibitions etc., and to obtain for
the Members wherever possible the best current advice on all matters
relating to photography.

Those eligible
to join

3(a) All members of the general public are eligible to join and become
Members of the club, immediately partaking in the rights and privileges
accorded to such Members, their subscription due being payable no
later than the fourth meeting after their first coming to the club.

3(b) There is no lower age limit to Membership, although young persons
under the age of 16 years will only be admitted to Membership upon
obtaining the written permission of a parent or legal guardian to do so.

4(a) The business of the Club will be conducted by Officers elected at the
Annual General Meeting and who will form the Committee.

4(b) The Committee shall consist of the
Syllabus Secretary(ies)
Competition Secretary(ies)
and, where required, any Member.
Any THREE of the Elected Committee Members to form a QUORUM.
Term of Office

5(a) The Term of Office for an Officer of the Club (except that of President)
shall be until the next Annual General Meeting. At the end of their
Term of Office, each Officer required to do so will submit a report to
the Club concerning the activities for which he/she was responsible in
the past year, after which all the Officers of the Club will then resign.

5(b) Should any officer of the Club resign for any reason before their Term
of Office is completed, the other Officers shall co-opt a Member of the
Club who is willing to accept the post, the appointment being agreed
by the other Club Members then present.

Annual General

6(a) The Annual General Meeting will be called once a year, approximately
twelve months from the previous one. The Syllabus Secretary will
notify all Club Members of the due date by placing it in the Syllabus.

6(b) The purpose of the Annual General meeting is to inform the Members
of the state of the Club’s finances, its condition, to elect Officers to
carry out duties of the Club, and to discuss and/or vote on any
business which is the concern of the Club.

6(c) The Officers of the Club will be elected by a majority vote. Any
Member, including past Officers, may stand for election, having first
been Proposed and Seconded by two other Members.

6(d) All matters pertaining to the Club shall be decided by the Members by
majority vote at the Annual General Meeting, and once so decided
cannot be altered except at such a Meeting, or upon the Secretary
being authorised to call an Extraordinary General Meeting, convened
for that sole purpose.

The President

7(a) The President is elected at an Annual General Meeting or an
Extraordinary General Meeting (convened solely for that purpose) for
an unspecified term, only resigning when he/she wishes to do so or
upon being called upon to do so by a majority vote of the Club
Members at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General

7(b) The President’s duties are to take the Chair at the Annual General
Meeting when the Officers resign until the new Chairman is elected,
and to give rulings and advice on procedure and customs in the Club.

7(c) If the President is unable to attend the Annual General Meeting, then
the eldest Member present will be asked to take the Chair. If he/she
declines to do so, then any Member may do so with the agreement of
the other Members present.
The Secretary

8 The Secretary will keep all necessary Minutes of the Club, Committee
and General Meetings, and will conduct the correspondence of the
Club with the help of the other Officers where required. He/she will
also keep the record of the Proposers, Seconders, and Voting at the
Annual General Meeting at which he officially retires until he is reelected
or superseded.

The Treasurer

9 The Treasurer will collect all Subscriptions and Monies due to the
Club, and will pay all accounts outstanding against the Club, and will
present for Members’ scrutiny at the Annual General Meeting his/her
Balance Sheet of the Club’s Finances, such Balance Sheet having
been examined by two members of the Club appointed or that purpose
who are not Officers of the Club or hold a post in the Club.
& Fees

10(a) The Annual Subscription will fall due on the last Thursday in January.
The current Adult membership fee is £35 per year.

10(b) The Annual Subscription payable by Members under the age of 18
years will be twenty five percent (25%) of the Adult Annual

10(c) The Annual Subscription payable by members of 60 or over is
currently £30.

10(d) Honorary Life Members pay no subscriptions.

10(e) Should the Annual Subscription be increased by Members’ vote at an
Extraordinary General Meeting, the increase will be payable as the
Members at that Meeting shall so decide.

10(f) If a new Member joins the Club part way through the year, a pro-rata
subscription will be payable according to custom, or as decided by the
Members at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.

10(g) Weekly fees are £2 per member. New members will not be expected
to pay for the first 3 meetings.
10(h) Only fully paid up members may enter competitions.


11 An Extraordinary General Meeting will be called by the Secretary
acting upon the authorisation of a Quorum of the Committee, or upon
a Petition for same being presented to him/her by any Member,
detailing the reason for calling such a Meeting, together with the
signatures of FIVE other Members.

Expulsion of a

12 A member of the Club will be expelled if:-
(a) Their subscription has not been paid in a reasonable time, and is
still not paid at the Meeting following a Warning by a Club Officer
who is acting with the authority of the Committee.

(b) There is a majority vote to do so at an Annual or Extraordinary
General Meeting.

Other Matters

13 Any matter not covered by this Constitution will first be resolved by the
Committee and then, where necessary, be put to the Club Members
for their decision.

14 Visitors to the Club’s Meetings will be admitted at the discretion of the
Committee Members present at the time.